Main Features

- GPS Navigation (iOS/Android/WP8)
- Dynamic Online Maps
- Touch interactions: Zoom to Pinch & Drag to Pan
- Effective and easy-to-use 2d/3d content geolocation tool (static and dynamic objects)
- GPS Emulator for PC/Mac/Web
- Developer-friendly custom MapNav inspector
- 2D and 3D camera views
- Configurable map (zoom, type,size, etc.)
- Compatible and fully tested with Google Maps, Bing and MapQuest-OpenStreetMaps(default)
- Unity 4 Support (Basic and Pro)
New features

- Touch Interactions: "Pinch to Zoom" and "Drag to Pan"
- 2D tools (FixQuadAspect.js/FixPlaneAspect.js)
- New 2D-view map implementation using orthographic camera with automatic settings to fit all resolutions and device orientations.
- Free Camera mode available in MapNav inspector (camera does not necessarily follow "player" object)
- Disable Map option, for location-based games not requiring a map display or using their own imagery.
- Map tile size (in pixel) can now be selected from the Inspector using drop-down list.
- Optimized performance
pdf MapNav 1.4 Operation Manual

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