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Shift key - XroSabre - 05-20-2017

Firstly, just recently found this virtual piano before i use to use but i found this way way better it had all the things i was looking for which i couldn't find anywhere else so im really glad you guys made this.... anyways if you don't know what autohotkey is , its basically an application that allows me for example , if had the key (j) i can hotkey it to (L) so when i press (j) i type (L) instead of (j) , so when i'm playing songs which require me to press the white and black keys at the same time i usually hotkey stuff like (,./'[\]) to the black keys for example (,) to play as (Shift+j), i use to this in and it worked fine there but when i do it here , for some odd reason instead of going like this ( ,+p+e) where this (,)  hotkey to play as (Shift j) it just does (,+P+E) instead of (,+p+e) , this makes it impossible to play the songs where i want to play white and black keys at same time and lot of the songs i play use this ..... can you look into this? lot of people do this when they wanna play more complex songs and with this issue its hard to play the songs i wanna play here and have no choice but to use , but i still play the songs here  that don't require black and white keys 

I'm not sure how hard its gonna be to fix this problem but if its fixed it would be the perfect piano  Heart <3 ...

RE: Shift key - Ignacio - 05-22-2017

Hi XroSabre. I am really glad you are enjoying our virtual piano so far. I've already discussed some ideas with you around the Shift modifier keys in a different forum thread, but I will be happy to look into your issue using autohotkeys with the max mapping.

Could you please confirm this is the scripting application you are currently using?

Thank you.