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Song Mode Sheet?
Hi, I have recently discovered recursive arts piano and have been enjoying it very much.
I would like to know if someone has the sheet for the song Air in D major by Bach or if it is possible to add a sheet for some songs in song mode, I think it's a great feature but I would love to try to play the song by myself.
I have searched for the sheet on virtualpiano.net and google but haven't found anything.

I tried to write it down while the the computer played it but it's a pain, I only got this far: 
[G9pd] y T * [7a] r e 6 5 [kw] h [fua] d [S%] d [S6up] [eu] a [pw] 5 [j$] [YQps]
If I got anything wrong feel free to correct me.

Thanks in advance.

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