SonicMaps Legacy App

SonicMaps v.1 has now been deprecated so the iOS/Android app is no longer available for download. The new SonicMaps v.2 online editor and player app offer up-to-date functionality and compatibility with most devices running a modern web browser. If you still need to access a project published using the legacy SonicMaps app please refer to the list below:

SonicMaps v.1 Projects

Date Title Author Description Link
15-03-2013 Dnsnzbshsvgdt Krdfish Get Link
14-03-2013 Dnsnzbshs Krdfish Get Link
13-01-2013 prueba1 thelabsoun Get Link
03-01-2013 pp Rinconesto Pp Get Link
20-12-2012 Paseosavm test Estatuas parlantes en la UPC Get Link
20-12-2012 vlc Ignacio curso unity Get Link
16-12-2012 home shwnklly Get Link
13-12-2012 Atlantis Claude Imaginary soundscape about the legendary Atlantis Get Link