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Founded in 2012, Recursive Arts is an independent game and app development studio with a focus on GIS/Locative Audio, Procedural Sound Art, Virtual Instruments, and anything sound-related. We are Unity 3D specialists but we also love publishing for the Web using the power of modern browsers.
Unleash your creativity...
Virtual Piano

Online Virtual Piano

Discover the ultimate online piano experience. A realistic 3D virtual piano keyboard with free interactive songs that everyone can play.
Online Guitar

Online Guitar

A 6-string virtual guitar with a comprehensive list of chords to play your favourite music.
Web App

SonicMaps | Locative Audio

Create and explore immersive audio tours around the world. Try our easy to use online editor including WaveNet TTS synthesis and multilayer geofencing.
Unity Add-On

MapNav | Geolocation Toolkit

MapNav is a Geolocation Engine for Unity and a powerful tool to develop location-aware apps and games with Online Maps and GPS navigation.

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