Virtual Piano

Discover the Ultimate Piano Game and Become a Virtuoso!

The A23 Virtual Piano comes packed with a great selection of interactive songs that you can easily play using its intuitive LED-Guided performance system (A). Also, those players looking for an extra challenge can now have great fun using our new GAME MODE.

GAME MODE — Find out how good of a pianist you are

Recursive Arts Piano Game is an excellent tool to improve your piano playing skills by assessing how accurate you are when playing a particular piece. If GAME MODE is enabled (B), the player's SCORE is displayed above the keyboard (C) so points can be earned or lost depending on how good your timing is when pressing the indicated keys. Just try to be precise: not too late, not too early! Enabling Piano Game Mode

Piano Game Rules

  • Press a key as soon as its LED-light turns green
  • If you are too early or too late pressing the key you lose one point (-1)
  • If you are just slightly off the perfect timing no points are gained or lost (+0)
  • If you are close enough to the perfect timing you obtain one point (+1)

Share your Score and Challenge your Friends

Once a piece is over, your total score will be displayed on the screen and you will be able to share it with your Facebook or Twitter friends and followers. You are also welcome to interact with other Virtual Piano users on the Recursive Arts Community forums.
Sharing Piano Score on Social Media
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